Lethargy and a Case of the “Eh”s


Do you ever feel like you just don’t have anything to say? Sure, I have a lot of things going around in my brain, but nothing I really I want to commit to “paper.” Or even really say out loud. Maybe I’d rather just be introspective.

I recently started working at a mall shop in downtown Seattle and believe me, there is a lot of fodder for blog┬áposts here. The parents who come in with their children and seem afraid of disciplining or telling their children “no.” Or the fashion trends of young girls these days. Or the inability of some people to be able to acknowledge my existence when they walk into the store, because apparently they don’t need me for anything. Even after I cheerily say “hello.”

But I don’t really want to commit to anything. Maybe that’s a metaphor for my life at the moment. I recently applied for a job at a youth crisis center, a dessert catering company, and an attorney’s office, all jobs I thought sounded like my dream job as I read the job posting.

Or maybe I’m just feeling fickle. I am at a pretty big crossroads at the moment. I am looking for a job, thinking about returning to school, and finally open to meeting a romantic partner. Everything is just so up in the air that I guess I feel too scattered to complete anything.

Ok, I’m now too tired to add any more thoughts. I think I’ll go take a nap….

4 thoughts on “Lethargy and a Case of the “Eh”s

  1. You are singing a song I know by heart, since my 30 year old daughter seems trapped in the refrain. She’s so gifted and full of talent and love, and everyone she gets near feels blessed by the encounter. But what to do with her life? What do do, what to do? Part of the problem is the shaky political and especially the economic scene (will my job last? can I even get another one if this one flops?).

    The whole dilemma gives me plenty of purpose, since I’m a praying woman. You’re on my list now.

  2. My own personal hell at times has been lack of clarity. I’m always so thankful for the instances where I actually know my direction, and what I should DO. Sometimes when big picture clarity eludes me, I just try and figure out what I should do today. Good luck with this, Becky. Action is better than inaction, and you are acting, so be kind to yourself…

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