A Garden I Shall Grow…


I’ve been away for a long time, dealing with some personal things and trying to figure things out. I feel like I’ve been saying that for awhile, maybe I’m not supposed/ever going to get it. Hmmm.

While I’ve been on hiatus I’ve changed jobs a couple of times, got a 10×15 ft plot in a community garden and committed to being 100% vegan. I’m actually thinking of changing jobs again, but that’s boring. So instead, I’ll talk about my P-Patch plot.

My garden "before"

My garden “before”

What’s a P-Patch? Well, it’s the community garden program here in Seattle. It’s named after the family, the Picardos, who used to own the land where the city developed the first patch. It’s funny how many times I tell people I have a P-Patch and they have no idea what I’m talking about. Until I did a little research, I thought all community gardens were known by this nickname and that everyone in the city knew what they were. Not so!

In my garden, I’m taking a seriously experimental approach. I’ve planted seeds in the ground because the seeds I planted earlier this month inside  never went beyond germination. I’ve read that this is a bad idea because the plants won’t have enough growing time. We will see!

I planted spinach, kale, carrots, cilantro, thai basil, chamomile and thyme. I thought I’d plant some cukes as well, but am told they take up a lot of space that I might not have. So I might just get some tomato starts instead. I swear to Pete that there’s an edible plant sale every weekend through mid-summer here. So I’m sure i have plenty of time, and if not, it’s ok! It’s all an experiment anyway.

I began planting in May, and have been back a few times to add compost, fertilizer and water. I actually need to water more often than I have been, but sometimes I’m so tired when I get home from work I just want to eat dinner and read a book or watch my new favorite show, Gordon Ramsey’s The F Word.

My garden last week, pre-weeding and compost topdressing

My garden last week, pre-weeding and compost topdressing

My kale and spinach are doing well, and the carrots seem to be growing, too. None of the herbs save a single plant of cilantro have made an appearance, though, so I might start those over again. All in all it’s coming along nicely and I’m having a lot of fun doing it!


My vegan monkey bread

I’m also working on doing more cooking, baking and smoothie drinking as a confirmed vegan. For those of you that don’t know what that is, it just means that I’m a vegetarian that doesn’t eat dairy or eggs. I’ve actually discovered a lot of fantastically delicious things that are healthier and just as delicious as anything I ate as an omnivore. For instance, banana ice “cream”, cashew “cheese” and the best pancakes I’ve ever eaten.

I think a lot of my family, especially the mid-westerners, think I’m odd for not eating meat or cheese, but I feel great, have lost weight and my skin is clearer than it’s been in a really long time. All things worthy of maintaining this way of life. Now if only I could stop making high-calorie vegan desserts….

7 thoughts on “A Garden I Shall Grow…

  1. I happen to be reading your post over a lunch of salad greens from my garden! Hope everything is starting to pop up for you, Becky! Gardens are so satisfying. BTW, have you read the book “Plenty,” about a couple in Vancouver who only eat what they can source locally for a full year? If not, I highly recommend it :)

  2. We had the same experience when we started our p-patch plot. After several puzzled looks from out-of-state friends, I too learned that “p-patch” is a uniquely Seattle name.

    Good luck with your garden!

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